Cores with Metal Casing

Stable Cores for all Casting Processes

Channels are traditionally made with either sliders, by drilling, with thick inlay tubes of steel or with cores of salt, glass or sand.

Innovative Combicore cores offer numerous production-oriented, ecological and economical advantages:

  • Combicore cores are highly stable and suitable for high pressure casting:
    Combicore cores endure mechanical forces. It is the first time that aluminum tubes can be used in the pressure casting with a cast pressure of more than1000 bar. Conventional sand cores are not applicable with pressure casting.
  • The tube material is compatible to the melt:
    E.g. the Combicore cores with aluminium casings are addapted best for for high pressure die casting and magnesium casting.
    In addition the tooling is easier than with inlayed steel tubes and scrap can be easier recycled than before.
  • The cored Combicore cores allow a near net shape casting and consequent light-weight construction.
    The fact that design engineers have to commit to straight processing axes is not applicable anymore as there is no drilling needed. The closing of not needed wholes with plugs is omitted. Tridimensional, curved hollow spaces are just molded. A thin tube wall thickness can be chosen.
    The broad scope of design offers an efficient material usage to the design engineers.
    The finished cast part is remarkably lighter. The cored Combicore cores allow a consequent light-weight construction.
    Regarding the feasible channel shape with a low resistance of flow it can be expected that the pressure drop in the operation is low.
  • The molded channel is easy to draw and clean:
    Water and high pressure are already sufficient with most applications to lift the channel within the cycle time. This process can be integrated in the production process and the quality test. Alternative removal procedures and adaptations to customer requirements are available.
  • Production with high quantities in premium quality:
    Combicore inlay tubes are predestined for high quantities and are qualified for series production.
  • Multi-purpose usages in automotive industry and other applications are possible.
  • ...

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