Ecological, fast core removal

Wire helix, rinsing, ...

The molding material is mechanically removed or rinsed after the casting process. The tube / core casing which remains in the cast piece represents the subsequently needed channel.

There are several possibilities for drawing the pattern. With most applications it is already sufficient to ecologically remove the molding material with high pressure and water. It is generally possible within the cycle times given by the production process (within a few seconds).

As an alternative version there is a wire helix that is put in the tube with the molding material and is used as a later pattern drawing support. The channel is lifted by drawing after the cast.

In heavy metal casting classic core removal methods can be used.

The molding material can be disposed and recycled without any problems.

Light metall casting:

Core removal of a Combicore Cooling Bar

with water jet

round Inner-ø: 4.0 mm
flat Area: 0.8 mm
Length: ca. 100.0 mm
Duration: ca. 18 s
Water pressure: ca. 20 bar (can be increased when casted in, and so the removal time can be optimized)

Cast parts should be potected against spray water
We can give you advice for your individual solution. This can be integrated into your serial process or it can be located separately as a stand-alone-solution and used by different applications.
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Short documentation of the pattern drawing equipment (PDF, 51 KB)
REM surface analysis: No filling leftover detectable (PDF, 496 KB)