Cast piece with Combicore inlay tubes awarded

Cooling element gains special recognition at international pressure casting contest

During the opening ceremony of Euroguss in Nuremberg on January 16th 2012 this year’s prize winner of the International Aluminum Pressure Casting Contest was awarded.
The Moneva Foundry received special recognition for a casting incorporating a cooling element used in hybrid technology. The Jury of Research and Science praised the value of the innovation and high requirements within the casting industry.

The cast component will be an important step for hybrid technology to help solve a cooling problem encountered with battery technology. The casting incorporates a cooling tube within the aluminum casting, composed of a different aluminum alloy. This technology allows for the substitution with this casting for the parts previous constructed multiple sheets of material and enabling a considerable cost savings.

Kühlkörper für Hybrid

Combicore inlay tubes received the German material efficiency award in 2010

Award from the German Federal Ministry for Economics

In the course of the conference „With resource efficiency on the road to success - Praxis and research show the way“ in Berlin on November 17th Drahtzug Stein combicore was awarded for its creative and innovative ideas in the field of casting technology. The price which is worth 10,000 € was awarded at the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology (BMWi) in Berlin in front of more than 100 conference participants.

„Those who produce efficiently will win!“ emphazied Jochen Homann, State Secretary in BMWi. Material efficiency pays off after a short period of time. Raw and operating materials can be permanently saved with intelligent solutions. „This creates considerable competitive advantages", so says Homann.

Innovation Champion 2010

Stable aluminum inlay tubes are an innovation for the automotive industry

The 30 most innovative and newest ideas around the automotive have been rewarded at the Würzburger Automotive Summit. We are amongst the award winners. More than 420 registrations from 23 countries were turned in.

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NoAE Innovation Champion